General Buckner Research Paper

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Did you know that General Grant and General Buckner were friends before the battle? Fort Donelson was located in Cumberland River and Tennessee River. It was a 5 day battle, the Union (North) against the Confederates (South). The Confederate was ruled by the Confederate Military ( Who Was Involved The Union Military was attacking the Fort. The Union Generals were: General Ulysses S Grant was in control; General Smith was in the first division (Dougherty, 2007). In the second division Military, General Wallace had the third division; General McClernand was the only General that did not obey orders from Grant. The Confederate Generals were: General Pillow was the leader of the Fort Donelson, General Floyd was the assistance for Pillow, and General Buckner was a General that had to surrender the Fort, General Forest had escaped the Fort with his…show more content…
By the time Grants division get there and start shooting at the Fort, Confederates go after McClernands division. The confederates new that the first ones that shoot, the Union is trying to distract the confederates. So the confederates storm all over McClernands division. Grant then pushes back while McClernand is still fighting. Smith had sent reinforcements to McClernand (Dougherty, 2007). Once Grant brings back more men he come back to fight. Smith is not attacking but is sending troops to help ( The Forth day has ended and McClernand and Grant pushed back at night. Fifth Day On the fifth day a snowstorm came and killing lots of men ( Then, Grant wants to attack, he wants to end the battle and win the battle. So he makes an attack plan, he decided to attack in the morning. Floyd had given his command to his division that Grant was going to attack in the morning. Floyd had said that he feared capture. Pillow gave his command to Buckner to stay and secure the Fort, mostly defend the Fort (Dougherty,
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