General Electric: Strengths And Threats

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[Strengths and Opportunities] GE definitely can rely on strong brand; this could bring to new acquisitions and joint ventures. GE’s industry recognition is due to the company’s advantages; a wide portfolio, high quality products and services, extensive R&D capabilities, goodwill innovation are strong points that GE can exhibit. Therefore the company can fully benefit from the growing demand for commercial airplanes, new pipeline contracts, the growing sector of renewable energies, technological innovation are remarkable opportunities for such a competitive company. Moreover, the company can count on a strong workforce, as well as on a strong horizontal structure and culture. [Weaknesses and Threats] General Electric needs to recognize that one of its main weaknesses is the dependence on third parties for raw materials (GE has to buy machineries, technology, etc.). Moreover, under the performance point of view, GE exhibits low levels in Asian markets and new developing markets. [Competitors] As General Electric operates in more than 170 countries and at high levels in every business, the company, which exhibits $260,26 millions of market capitalization, counts quite a lot of competitors; starting with 3M Co (with its $102,868 ml of market capitalization), Siemens ($92,069) and Honeywell International ($84,306), until ABB Ldt ($44,640) and Schneider Electric ($37,800). [Competition] However it’s impossible to exclude competition from such a prosperous market, in recent

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