General Grant's Presidency Essay

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Hiram Ulysses Grant, more commonly known as Ulysses. S. Grant, was an army general who later became the 18th president of the United States. It’s a known fact that General Grant's family was one that supported the abolishment of slavery and this later affected Grant's own views on the topic as well. General Grant, unlike many other presidents, also lacked political knowledge; this would later influence his presidency. General Grant's Presidency was considered mostly chaotic as he led the United States into one of its economic depressions, made little effort to handle the reconstruction, and he had poor administrative skills. General Grant had many different scandals surrounding his presidency and this later affected his image in the public …show more content…

One of the poor decisions he made led the country into an economic depression(. This is considered one of his greatest mistakes. The economic depression began in 1873 when the stock market crashed. Ulysses's response to this was to sign a bill which included increasing the pay of top government officials, and that included himself in that bill. This shows how little he cared for the people at this time. These events continued to the following year and for the first time in sixteen years, democrats won control over the House of Representatives.
Another example of Grant's poor understanding can be shown when the reconstruction happened. Although he supported the reconstruction, his ways of handling it were extremely ineffective. Throughout the reconstruction he didn't always intervene when states went into conflict; instead, he would send troops out to deal with people and wouldn't decide which state opinion was most important(. Grant's lack of personal interest and indecisiveness caused many states to lose interest in the reconstruction. General Grant's actions were not of good faith to this country causing negative impacts as a

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