General Mandible's Role In A Racist Society

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The movie ANTZ shows different political beliefs of many people including General Mandible. General Mandible presents many ideas which show his strong support for fascism. Mandible values the state more than its people, uses force to control citizens, and focuses on wars and militarism which are characteristics on running a fascist society. Firstly, General believes the value of state as a whole is more than the people in the state which is why he tries to kill the “unworthy” members so overall his society is considered strong. When Z returns from the war, General Member gives a speech to the members of his colony and says, “A soldier knows that the life of an individual ant doesn't matter. What matters is the colony.” This belief is a very…show more content…
Also, General uses force to control the ants by stripping away their rights and even killing or attacking them. When all of the ants begin to follow Z’s footsteps to gain more rights when Z is gone outside the colony, many of the ants get punished as a result of not following the order. One of Z’s friend does not obey the order resulting in not getting rations. One of Mandible’s man says, “Hey. What do you say we help your attitude a little bit? By taking away your rations for the day.” And this is also a proof of using force or stripping down rights so people cannot disobey Mandible. Weaver is taken into hostage when Z and Bala leave the colony which is also proves that Mandible uses force in the wrong way. Finally, General Mandible’s focus on militarism and war are one of the main characteristics of a fascist society. From the beginning, Mandible seems to be planning a war on another insect colony. He wanted to attack the termite colony. He used to tactics at this point. The first was creating an army to show his power and other was to get rid of all the incompetent soldiers by attacking the termite colony as he knew everyone “unworthy” of being a soldier

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