Management Case Study: General Motors Company

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Q1: in this Tma I would like to take about general motors company in their organizational change, General motors established in 1908 that time was the company the best in car dealer in the region, first it was holding buick company till 1920 it was becoming the world largest and biggest motors company in the world, the company got a huge success in the time of Alfred john when he were taking the charge of the company, due to his leadership of the company was producing new style and design every year and making a huge success in sales, and he given such an good concept to the company. The other brand of the company is Chevrolet, buick, Pontiac and Cadillac. These were the different brand cars were producing by the company and there were no different…show more content…
3- Contextualizing as from my own experience I learned a skills that can make me how to solve the problem and make an analysis for it and know how to adopt which approach I would use if it going to be hard system method or soft system method. 4- Managing, I’ll start managing the situation and I am going to use the hard system approach to manage the situation and find a solution. Using hard system method here is useful for dealing with problematic situations which is cannot be quantified easily and being complicated, its useful for understanding viewpoints and the situation and addressing qualitative as well as quantitative dimensions of problem situations, I will use this method particularly as it determines what is the problem and what action I should have to do in order to improve this problem. There are 8 stages of hard system method: Stage one: system descript First we will talk about stage one is the system…show more content…
-organizational development technique as its considered to bring a development to the company by sensitivity training and team building and process consultation and survey feedback so these are important technique that they should to adopt in order to make an effectiveness organizational development and back in competition and that’s vital for General motors. Stage four: formulating measure of performance. Measure of performance explanation Cost cutting was the first step to take as they were paying a lot of salaries and cost to some brands such as Saturn and hammer The result of that the company achieved of cost cutting up to 15 billion in recent years Culture change management is strategy adopted as there is new approach By developing such an strategies the company has achieved a rise in their market share in north America Improving the efficiency of the employees make them accountable and responsible one That make employees take a decision and choose what is better for the company. Training the team and survey feedback That make them more aware and know the customer taste and what they

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