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S – Strengths General Motors Company’s strengths include strong brand image, a focus on safety and advanced technology, innovation in automated driving and a strong presence in the global market. GM is recognized worldwide for its major brand vehicles – Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and Buick. This diverse portfolio of vehicles appeals to a variety of customers and addresses a wide-range of needs for consumers.
GM maintains a strong focus on its customers by investing billions of dollars in research and development. This research deals with vehicle emissions control, fuel economy, alternative fuels, safety and automated driving. GM is the leader in the automotive market in North America and China, the world’s largest automotive markets.
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General Motors faces both American and international competition in the price, quality, options, and styles of vehicles marketed for consumers. The demand for fuel-economy and alternatives and safe vehicles also introduces competition among the industry. Toyota has become GM’s strongest competitor, taking lead in some areas of production. China and India are currently developing their own automobiles to introduce into the competitive world market. Tesla is also a major competitor to the Chevy Volt in the development of electric vehicles. Government regulations pose a tremendous challenge to the automotive industry overall. The US Government and the European Union continue to regulate vehicle emissions and vehicle safety requirements. These regulations threaten to increase the cost of vehicle production and could potentially limit the type of vehicles that can be produced. GM feels the impact of these cost and production issues along with all other automotive companies.…show more content…
Their history includes severe blows with the bankruptcy and government bail-out that gave a tremendous blow to consumer confidence and the major product recall of 2014 which nearly devastated the company once again. GM demonstrated its strength in coming back from these challenges and growing into a leading world company. GM is also working to maintain leadership in the development of new vehicles with new technology with their production of the Chevy Volt, introduction of Flex Fuel, and the initiative in autonomous vehicle production. General Motors Company has demonstrated steadfastness in the automobile industry and a willingness to lead the industry into the
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