General Petraaeus In Mosul Iraq Case Study

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On April 2003 General Petraeus entered the city of Mosul, in northern Iraq to take command of US Forces. He found a city in ruin from the United States led invasion of Iraq. His was to continue combat operation but during a press brief, he explained he knew the monumental task of rebuilding a nation but avoiding it was not possible. General Petraeus leads the most powerful Army in the world. General Petraeus arrived in Mosul Iraq on April 22, 2003, with a vision, which will challenge his training and years of military leadership experience to lead, direct, and assess the reconstruction of Mosul’s infrastructure, political, economics, and the military forces. When General Petraeus arrived in Mosul, he tactically analyzed the city and realized the…show more content…
He learned about their culture, the different ethnic groups of the population and the history of their pass tensions. He then learn about the Mosul’s economy and what made it successful, its former political leaders and its military and police force. General Petraeus with his staff reached out to and meet with “tribal leaders, university professors, judicial figures, religious leaders, and local business men”, with the intent to learn who are the leaders of the different provinces and what issues or challenges they faced. Leader complained about shootings, fights, theft, ethnic rivalry amongst the different groups and, large area of the city that is destroyed. The restoration of gasoline would be a challenge, Mosul citizens were waiting on line for gasoline and supplies were low. He began by accessing the damage to the city’s infrastructure and the challenges to repair it. The city power station had been poorly maintained over the years and there were issues with saboteurs. The US forces avoided targeting schools, hospitals and churches, but the trash and rubble from damaged buildings littered the city’s
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