General Reflection About Globalization In Education

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Globalization in education Introduction: Education is much more equally spread in the world today, than ever before. Even people in the poorest parts of the world now has a chance to get education, this was not the case just a few years ago. Globalization has contributed a lot to making this a realistic situation. Because of globalization, students now have many education-options, such as taking exams and getting an education online, or you can study in another country after high school etc. In addition, another popular way to get education these days is exchange year. This is because of globalization. This means that students can travel to a new country, for example America. For example, a person lives in Norway, but travel to America during their 2nd year in high school. Students will meet many different people, some bad and some good; Students will experience a completely different, but new culture and bring these experiences home with you. This is an example of globalization. General reflection about globalization in education:…show more content…
For example languages in schools today. In the schools in Norway, we have three main languages we learn during the three years at secondary school and 2 years during high school. The languages are Spanish, German and French. In 2015, some schools in Norway have began to offer Chinese and Russian for those who want to learn these languages. However, we primarily learn Spanish, German and French. The reason why we learn these languages in school is globalization. Another very important thing to bring in is the introduction to English in the Norwegian schools. English were introduced to the Norwegian schools in 1974. This is a classic reason of globalization in education. In addition, since people in every corner of the world speaks English this is an important language and subject in the Norwegian schools today. Many lessons in a week is added to learn

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