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“Step away from the blue, son!” Those were the words shouted at me the first time I entered an operating room. The bright lights, shiny equipment, and blue gowns filled me with energy and left me awestruck. My clinical years grew my love for the OR and cemented my passion for a general surgery career. The sophisticated surgical technique, the interprofessional teamwork in the OR, and the immediate alleviation of suffering by our own hands left me enamored with surgery. My magnetism to general surgery over other surgical specialties is epitomized by three factors. The first is daily application of physiology and anatomy, areas I enjoyed and excelled in during my first years of medical school. For example, the physical exam is pivotal for diagnosing…show more content…
My analytical skills developed through my research further my ability to develop diagnoses and handle complicated surgical patients. Finally my strong interpersonal skills both with patients and physicians that have been demonstrated through my clerkships and involvement in multiple physician organizations provide ideal characteristics in a career which demands such skills. With only months remaining until medical school graduation, I strive to turn my surgical rotation experiences into practice and excel at these teachings so that I may work to perfect my service to patients—what I appreciate to be the art of medicine. An ideal residency is one that will support me in this pursuit through strong resident education and in challenging me to further improve myself. In addition, exposure to wide variety of casework and early operational exposure to optimize experience in the operating room is important. I would also be very interested in pursuing research to complement my clinical training, especially given my strong background and experience in research. I am confident that your excellent attending clinicians will support me as I pursue becoming a skilled surgeon, a teacher, and most importantly, a life-long

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