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General Thomas P. Stafford was a pretty outstanding astronaut and man. He always worked hard and tried his best. The hard work paid off when he received his doctorate of laws, one of science, another for aeronautical engineering, and another in communications and humanities. This shows that Stafford was pretty well rounded in the subjects and that he was dedicated. These facts interested me because of two things. One, I didn 't know you could get that many doctorates and I didn 't name all of them. Two, I was interested in how hard he had to work and I couldn 't imagine all the time spent earning these doctorates. I liked hearing he had to EARN things instead of them being GIVEN to him. Also, I wish to be a well-rounded student. Not someone who excels in one subject; someone who can excel in all (or most) of them. Later in his life, he joined the Air Force, a selfless move. After continuing his hard work indefatigably, he was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Air Force. He is also highly decorated and wears the "Air Force Command Pilot Astronaut Wings". I found this information interesting because again, it showed me that things aren 't just handed to you. To earn those Wings, he…show more content…
This connects to me because I think I have some things handed to me as well as things I have to work for. Some things that are handed to me are a nice house, my own room, and food on the table. Things like that, I didn 't have to do anything to acquire them, they were already provided for me. Things I have to work for are things like my hula and softball. I am not one of those kids that can say, "it 's in my blood" or "I don 't need to practice". If I don 't practice, there is no way I can succeed and I learned that the hard way. Having talent in a dance or sport is something some kids are born with but others who are less fortunate have to work harder at it. It isn 't something you can just turn on when you need it because trust me, the switch can get a little rusty if you wait

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