General Washington Needs Me Dbq Essay

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My family may need me, but General Washington needs me more. It is 1777 and one year into the Revolutionary war. The British are camping only 17 miles away from us in Pennsylvania under the command of General Howe. We are staying in a crammed winter fort named Valley Forge. The conditions here are everything but pleasant, and many men are dying fast and slow. We are living twelve men to a hut which is very cramped, and it is very smoky. Our main food source is a firecake, which is a disgusting mixture of flour and water. As bad as things may seem, I am still one of the few healthy men. Since I am still healthy and willing, I am definitely not quitting. Quitting would mean to be disloyal and a traitor to my country that I love. I am choosing …show more content…

In document B, the engraving, it shows that Gen. Washington is supportive of these men that are giving their lives in our country’s cause. He is doing so by showing the congress that our men are in very bad conditions right now, and that we need supplies to keep the fight going. General Washington is doing this because he needs our help and cares about every one of us. If we had another leader, this war would be turning a whole new direction, and not a good one. George Washington tries as hard as he can to insure that his militia is safe and in good condition. Although things have been going terribly at Valley forge so far, I know that he can push us through the harsh winter and lead us to overcome the British. George Washington is not just a protective and supportive leader, he is an encouraging one too. He often goes the badly injured troops and helps them through their hardest times. This reason is causing me to re-enlist because I know we can win the war with Washington on our …show more content…

If I just choose to quit and leave Valley Forge, then I am telling my country that I don’t care about my rights and my country. As tough as it is out here, the last thing the general needs for for another man to quit. In these times every man counts. If I choose to abandon my fellow soldiers, than I am also leaving my dedication to my country. In a war this tough and ruthless, every man truly counts. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will , in difficult times, shrink from the dedication to their country: but he that stands up to the challenge, deserves the thanks of every man and woman. What we gain too easily, we esteem too lightly ( Document D). I am not the type to leave someone in need. In this case, it is the people of my country who are not free. If I quit now, we are one step further than winning this battle. This reason is causing me to re-enlist because the harder we work for something, the more precious it becomes. I know that sitting at home is not working, therefore I

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