General Zaroff: An Excellent Hunter

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1. Recall what does the general describe about his hunting background. While General Zaroff is describing himself, he brags that he is an excellent hunter. “God makes some men poets. Some He makes kings, some beggars. Me He made a hunter” (Connell 6). Zaroff has been hunting ever since he was five years old, after his father gave him his first gun. After shooting turkeys, Zaroff wanted to hunt more animals, starting his hunt. He shot his first large animal at the age of ten. “I killed my first bear in Caucasus when I was ten” (Connell 6). The general has hunted many interesting animals in his life, but now finds them all boring. 2. General Zaroff once commanded a division of the Cossack cavalry. Infer why he left the army to go live isolated away from society on his own…show more content…
I believe that he left because he missed hunting. “I went into the army... but my real interest was always the hunt” (Connell 6). While he was in the army, he wasn't able to do what he loved most. He must have spent a great deal of time in the army to earn the title general. Nonetheless, it wasn't enough to keep him in the army. His desire for hunting is too strong to abandon. 3. Can you elaborate on the reason for why General Zaroff decided to hunt humans instead of wild animals? After many years of hunting animals, it became boring for General Zaroff. Even the animals that were supposed to be interesting and hard to hunt he was able to hunt with ease. “As soon as I recovered I started for the amazon to hunt jaguars, for I had heard they were unusually cunning. They weren't” (Connell 6). Hunting was repetitive, so he wanted a change. He wanted an animal that has courage, is cunning, and can reason. Without all of these aspects, the hunt would be boring to him. The only animal with all of these traits is a human. 4. Prove and analyze the following quote, “My life has been one prolonged

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