General Zaroff In The Most Dangerous Game, By Richard Connell

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“The Most Dangerous Game”, a short story by Richard Connell, is about Sanger Rainsford’s unfortunate visit to General Zaroff’s island while on a hunting trip. General Zaroff isn’t any normal hunter and he invites Rainsford to play a hunting game that is unlike any other hunting game. General Zaroff’s arrogance and experience in hunting and the hunting game, could cost Rainsford his life. The first trait General Zaroff displays is arrogance. At one point in the story, General Zaroff describes himself “God makes some men poets. Some he makes kings, some beggars. Me he made a hunter. My hand was made for the trigger my father said.” General Zaroff made this statement to Rainsford so Rainsford could understand not only does he have skill in hunting, but hunting was a gift to General Zaroff from God. He went on to describe himself “When I shot some of his prize turkeys with it, he did not punish me; he complimented me on my marksmanship. I killed my first bear in the Caucasus when I was ten.” General Zaroff is pointing out that even at a young age he was a magnificent hunter and displays…show more content…
General Zaroff explains to Rainsford some of his hunting experience “Naturally, I continue to hunt-grizzles in your Rockies, crocodiles in the Ganges, rhinoceroses in east Africa.” This statement made by General Zaroff lists some of the animals that General Zaroff has experience in hunting. The second example of General Zaroff’s experience trait is when he is hunting Rainsford. Rainsford was hiding from him up in a tree and thought “The general could follow a trail through the woods at night; he could follow an extremely difficult trail; he must have uncanny powers; only by the merest chance had the Cossack failed to see his quarry.” General Zaroff’s experience in tracking allowed him to follow an extremely difficult trail that Rainsford intentionally made. General Zaroff experience helps him to be a great
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