Importance Of Humanitarian Law

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1- The generalities of ensuring humanitarian law
1-1- The concept of ensuring humanitarian law
Humanitarian law is a part of the war law and it is a set of international legal rules governing wartime, which have mainly a protective aspect: protection of people- including military or civilian- demilitarized property and objectives and the requirements for the belligerent people and countries to observe given protections during the conflict.
Ensuring Humanitarian law is various reactions known in armed hostilities law when the law is not observed or there is a violation.
1-2- the emergence of international humanitarian law and its historical evolution
Following the emergence of primitive societies and the development of friendly relations between them, hostile relations also emerge due to the existence of discrimination and injustice and nations ' independence-seeking. War is the most striking example of hostile relations. Humanitarian
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Regarding the war crimes, this principle was known gradually as customary international law and has been recognized in the code lieber and directives of Oxford and it has been repeated later in the treaties of international humanitarian law. According to the constitutions of the International Military Tribunals at Nuremberg and Tokyo and so on, individual criminal responsibility for war crimes was considered as the basis of prosecutions. And many of the suspects of war crimes were tried on the basis of the principle. The given principle was also approved based on the official statements and the reported procedures and has been referred in many Security Council resolutions and has been known as a customary rule of applicable international law in the states '
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