Generalized Anxiety Disorders Case Study

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Ms. Sahara Garcia is an 18 year old female who has been diagnosed with a Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression and Processing Difficulties, resulting in deficits with executive functioning, organization, attention and communication. She was placed on an Individual Educational Plan in 9th grade due to medical issues with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She is a senior at South Hadley High School, expecting to graduate in June 2016. She plans on attending Holyoke Community College and eventually, she would like to continue her studies and transfer to a four year college.
Sahara has been working with her MRC counselor to identify appropriate supports that could be implemented to help her be successful with her academic goals. For this reason, an assistive technology evaluation was requested to determine if any, technologies could assist her with the successful completion of this goal.
A transcript of a Psychological Evaluation; James Levine and Associates; dated 2014 and her most recent Individual Education Plan was offered and reviewed before
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The ATS is recommending the Your Teacher application located in the iTunes store. Having the Your Teacher application will allow Sahara access to quick supports when needed. The ATS is also recommending the Purple Math and Math TV which is available online. The ATS will place a quick access icon on her computer desktop for easy access.

Organization: To support Sahara with time management and organization; the ATS believes that the visual and auditory prompts provided by Google Calendar will help support her in this area. Syncing the Google calendar with Sahara’s phone and iPod will help support Sahara with scheduling tasks and appointments. The ATS is recommending Sahara access the research project calculator application to help organize her time with large writing
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