Post Charismatic Analysis

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Kiamu (2011) strengthened this view by saying that “In this generation’s eyes, God consciousness has little or no significance to real life. God is irrelevant and meaningless, and pursuing and knowing God are futile and irrational ventures” (p. 99). The spiritual condition and spiritual battle or struggle of Generation 21 is such that requires pity and compassion of the older generations. 2. Post Charismatic There was the wave of the Evangelical in the Body of Christ and later the move of Pentecostalism/Charismatic, with both having their strengths. In the opinion of the researcher, both strengths are expected to be leveraged on in order to build formidable Christian faith, but the reality of Generation 21 is untrue. Cain and Kendall, as quoted by Swartz and Codrington, “speak of a post Charismatic generation, rather than merely a meeting in the middle of the evangelical and…show more content…
Abortion, homosexuality, poverty, capitalism, gender, sexuality, genetical engineering, affirmative action, revolution, ethnic cleansing are all old issues which will assume greater significance as the new century dawns. Postmodernism demands less rigid and definitely less judgmental answers. Christians everywhere must be prepared to give an answer for their faith in a gracious and humble manner. The iron rod orthodoxy of the past is over. It no longer even gets a hearing. If we want to be salt and light – we must be prepared to reopen debates and find answers that truly resonate with a world in need. I am sure that we have heard the end of long scholastic debates about predestination, charismatic gifts and dispensationalism. Social ethics is now the new issue at hand – and one on which the Christian church and its relevance to youth will stand or fall (Swartz and Codrington, p.
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