Generation Debt Summary

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According to Anya Kamenetz in the article “Generation Debt,” young people of today are struggling with high debt due to high educational finances and this is preventing them to move on as responsible adults. College tuitions are too high to pay that young people fall into applying for student loans, and have significant credit card debt with high balances. Most students are using their credit cards to pay for their college expenses and student loans; even their paychecks are being used to pay for college. I agree that many young people held back in becoming a full adult which they are doing everything they can just to continue their education. Even if it means to continue living at home with parents just to make ends meets and not being able to step in the “fully adulthood.” In other words they, are prolonging their adulthood just to be able to go to college and be able to fully…show more content…
However, many don’t want to drop out from their studies; they want a better education and better jobs that will pay them well. Not to have to work in a job that pays them low wages and to top it off still have to pay the loan they applied for to stay in college. It’s an everyday struggle young people go through every year just to stay in college to get their education. In the book On the Frontier of Adulthood Frank F. Furstenberg state that “More youth are extending education, living at home longer, and moving haltingly, or stopping altogether, along the stepping stones of adulthood.” Young people not reaching their adulthood, and still living at home to pursue, there dream of going to college. In fact, this is very important because some young people are keeping up in attending college, no matter if they have to live at home with parents or extending their education simply because of some bumps on the
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