Generation Y Literature Review

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2.0 Introduction
This chapter provides a review of the literature on the impacts of smartphone towards Generation-Y. Section 2.1 discuss on the impact of smartphones towards Gen Y, which include the impact to the Education, Psychology, Social Life and Health. Section 2.2 will discuss the conceptual framework.
2.1 Review of Literature
2.1.1 Generation-Y and Smartphone
This research is focus on the impact of smartphone towards Generation-Y. Generation-Y were born between 1980 to 1994 and as at 2006, the youngest age 12 years old and the oldest age 26 years old (Kumar & Lim, 2008). Cant (2005), further elaborates the definition of Generation-Y which can be divided into three subcategories
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Smartphones addictions will also interference with one’s night sleep (Muhammad & Tariq, 2013). According to Idugboe (2011), nearly 50% of people who are surveyed said, they would not even think of going to bed without have their Smartphone‘s tucked under their pillows because of the addiction.
James and Drennan (2005), conducted a study on Australian students and identified a higher usage rate of 1.5 hours – 5 hours a day. They also highlighted the financial costs, emotional stress, damaged relationships and falling literacy as adverse consequences of excessive usage. Moreover, people with smartphone addiction tend to encounter difficulties with interpersonal adjustments, time management, and academic performance (Hong, Chiu, Huang, 2012).
Symptoms of mobile phone addicts, including feeling preoccupied by mobile phone, feeling anxiety or lost without phones, excessive time or money spent on phone use, negative emotions when reducing usage, problematic phone use, and using mobile phone to escape from realities (Bianchi & Phillips,
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Section 3.1 discusses on research design, Section 3.2 explains on sample size and Section 3.3 discuss a sampling technique. Section 3.4 discussing on unit of analysis, on the other hand, Section 3.5 discussing on measurement, Section 3.6 data collection and also Section 3.7 data analysis which relates to this research.
3.2 Research Design
This study is a quantitative research, which is the systematic empirical investigation of observable phenomena via statistical, mathematical or numerical data or computational techniques. This research is said to be a quantitative because it relates to the current situation which is the emerging of technology specifically smartphone. The uses of smartphone among all level of ages has made the researcher want to study the impact on smartphone to Generation-Y, which includes teenagers and children as well as the youth at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
3.3 Unit of
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