Generation Z Argument Essay

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Are you aware that people born in the years 1995-2014 are considered Generation Z? Yet society mistakes them as Millennials. Previous Generations, such as the Baby Boomers (1946-1964) and Millennials (1980-1994) have made stereotypes about Gen Z. These stereotypes include being lazy, addicted to technology, and not capable of having common-sense. However, according to Forbes, Gen Z is more “individualistic; conservative both socially and fiscally and is making waves of impact on our political system (Stahl 5). Generation Z is “digital natives” and has access to new and updated information online. In addition, Anne Kingston reported a study done by Sparks & Honey that found sixty percent of Gen Z want jobs with a social impact (Kingston 6). That illuminates that the Baby Boomers and Millennials’ stereotypes are false, and shouldn’t criticize Generation Z because they are a sprouting generation.…show more content…
Research shows that Generation Z is more individualistic (independent), more ”conservative” both socially and fiscally, and they’re already impacting our political system. When asked about their position on legalization of marijuana, gay marriage, and tattoos, Gen Z reported their views are modern and conservative. Officials considered previous generations voted liberal; assumed that generation Z would follow. Their political views were similar Libertarian or Modern Republican because they also related to Donald Trump’s views on national security and job creation (Stahl 5). What we can see is that Generation Z is informed about the political word and even has a stance although only people born in the years 1995-1999 can vote due to age limit, these people under eighteen are still aware of the issues of the world around them. Whereas most Millennials, when asked about these issues, only had vague knowledge of what the issue was

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