Generational Curse In Family

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The Generational Curse Since 1976, when my mother was born, my family’s generational curse can into effect. My material grandmother, Mattie, had my mom at the early age of 15 years old. Although my grandmother Mattie wanted to keep my mom, she reluctantly gave her up to be raised by her mother, my great-great grandmother Ann. Later on in the years, resentment began to damage my mother’s and Grandmother Mattie relationship, and completely damaging my grandmothers and granny Ann’s relationship. The animosity began to eat way to having a relationship at all. My grandmother Mattie despised the semi-closeness of my granny Ann and my mom. My grandmother Mattie would start rumors and fights between the two trying to split them up. My…show more content…
It was then that I finally met my much older Aunt and Uncle. Sadly, my aunt’s relationship was the same as my mom’s and her mom. They wasn’t close and was very much at odds with one another. It was later when I understood, how the emotional disconnect trickled down from generation to generation. The emotional trauma and misbalance effected everyone. Feeling un-loved, un-wanted, and un-appreciated. In my family, getting a hug or an “I love you” is like pulling teeth. I followed in my mother’s and grandmother’s footsteps. I had my son at the age of 18 years old. He was the first born boy out of the past 4 generations. Becoming a mother myself, I know understand the pain everyone has felt. The love of a child is very strong. A love from a child to their parents is strong as well. The misplaced anger was what put a wedge between everyone. In conclusion, breaking this curse has been a top priority of mine. Now that I have my own family I know what to do and what not to do. I understand the issues that my family has and decide to be more loving, accepting, and forgiving to everyone, but mostly to my own children. Even though these issues continuously tear my family apart, deep down I know they care for one another. With my son, I will teach him the importance of family. Despite mistakes and flaws, family reigns before
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