Generational Diversity In The Workplace

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All the organizations spend time and resources in achieving diversity, many limit their diversity to gender and ethnicity. One of the disconcerting diversity challenges are generational diversity — which goes overlooked and are not addressed.
For the first time, many organisations are trying hard to balance the needs of four generations in workforce. However many organisations don’t deal with these issues, rather they leave it to the employees. There are many generational conflicts that are seen every day on the team level. Because of this the productivity of the organisation decreases, which is not good for an organisation. According to a survey, more than 60 % of the employees are facing problems due to intergenerational conflicts.
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Management structures also are less formal compared to older generations. As of now, the Traditionals and Baby Boomers are moved into the later stage of their career and Gen X moves into prime working years and Gen Y is trying to make its mark.
As the two younger generations perpetuate pushing transmutations in the workplace to fit their predilections, expect these vicissitudes to manifest themselves as generational conflict, especially in these three main areas:
Judging work on
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Older generations have a strong work ethic and is shown by being part of the organisation and they are present in the office for long hours. Baby Boomers consider factors such as team work, collaboration and participating in meetings as proof of work ethic. But Gen X and Gen Y believe in hard work. The Gen X and Gen Y want a work life balance.
Younger generations may seem to be more independent to Baby Boomers who want to indulge fully to the organisation2. However the Gen X and Gen Y’ers want them to be judged on the basis of merit and not the basis of how much time they spend in the office. The younger generations don’t consider them as less committed to the organisation. They feel themselves as

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