Nursing Staff Retention: A Case Study

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I would agree on dividing the staffs into generations before specifying reasons for retention. According to Mokoka (2015), there are four generations currently making up the nursing workforce, which are the “silent generation” or traditionalists, “baby boomers”, “Generation X”, and “Generation Y” or the “millennials”. Each of these generations displays characteristics and attitudes which can affect colleagues, the workplace and patients positively or negatively. My manager uses different strategy to please the employee’s knowing what will satisfy each individual. The “silent generation” or traditionalists are those born on 1922-1942. This generation is no more in my organisation.
The below can be implemented for all generations but I would
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They would love to feel useful by sharing their experience over the years. In that way they can influence the new employees to stay in the organisation. By treating them well, they will definitely talk about the benefits of staying in the same organisation.
Good pay and benefits are something every working person looks at. My organisation gives proper increment and bonuses. According to McCord (2010), it states that organisation should have a pay scale that acknowledges years of experience in order to retain their more experienced nurses. When asked, many agreed that they feel the need to stay on because even if they are going to go elsewhere to find a job, the pay and benefits would not be as good. Benefits in my organisation includes medical benefits for the staff and family.
The “generation X” are those born on 1965-1981 (Mokoka,
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Firstly, it is important to have a four weeks orientation programme which cover all aspects of the organisation and the unit. They need time to adapt and understand the organisation. Choosing a good preceptor and mentor to guide her would give her the sense of security. The preceptor is someone that is going to be with them for the first three months on the same shift to support them. These 3 months is the crucial time for the new employee to decide whether to stay or leave. This aspect is very well covered by my management. My manager also plays her role by talking to the new employees every week to see their progression and work on any difficulties they are
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