Generic Medicines Advantages And Disadvantages

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In India a large number of people are living below the poverty line. They are not able to afford costlier branded drugs because many a times these drugs are too expensive. Therefore, generic drugs are a preferred option. Promotion of generic medicine can effectually cut down the ‘out of pocket’ expenses. The central as well as state governments through numerous schemes have been promoting generic medicines and providing affordable generic medicine to the masses. This application aims at show all the details about the generic medical stores and medicines as per the user requirement. The real time location of the user is tracked by using GPS (Global Positioning System).Our real-time tracking management system are consists of three components,…show more content…
The situation as in developing countries like India is quite more serious than in developed countries the patient has to bear the total cost of medicine by themself for almost all medicines. At least 80% of the population has to indulge “out of pocket” expenditure in the absence of national wide health insurance coverage. According to World Health Organization (W.H.O.) one-third of the world's population, mainly in low-and middle-income countries like India continues to lack regular access to essential drugs. In the poorest parts of Africa and Asia, this price rises to over 50percent. The reasons are well known and comprise insufficient financing, deprived health care and lack of awareness about…show more content…
Medicines consume a major part of the total money spent on health care. The use of generic drugs has been steadily increasing internationally as a result of economic pressure on health care budgets. Generic drugs give the prospect for major savings in health care expenditure since they are significantly lower in price than the equivalent branded counterparts. Prescribing generic drugs or International Non- proprietary Name (INN) by doctors and request pharmacists to dispense generic drugs are often advised means for lowering the costs of health care. Generic drugs is a proven, cost-effective strategy for dropping drug expenditure. The cost of health insurance premium will also be reduced if generic medicine will be commonly prescribed by physician/doctors. Only 17 percent of the total population was found covered by health insurance at the end of March 2014 as per the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA). In order to address that issue, the Government of India launched the Jan Aushadhi (Medicine for the Masses) Scheme (JAS) to provide cheap generic medicines to the patients. These medicines are provided through the Jan Aushadhi stores established across the

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