Generosity In Dorigen's Argumentative Essay

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Dorigen groans because women’s history chose death rather than be raped by tyrants, conquering armies, or villains. Clearly, there was sexual coercion by Aurelius. She tries to suicide herself, yet she tells her husband. And told him all, as you have heard before;
It needs not to re-tell it to you more.
This husband, with glad cheer, in friendly wise,
Answered and said as I shall you apprise:
“Is there naught else, my Dorigen, than this?” (757-761)
Dorigen consults her dilemma to Arveragus, and he shows generosity. However, the passage implies that she should obey the forbidden desire. She confronts other dilemma here because she thinks he will resolve her desire that he should makes decision for her.

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