Generosity In The Kite Runner

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Major Character Note #1: The character trait of generosity can be seen in this quote. Amir is being generous to Farid because he wants to help his family because they can barely afford food for their children. He gives Farid a little over two thousand dollars because he wanted to make it up to Farid and how he helped him find Sohrab. Amir is grateful for Farid’s help and how he remained loyal even if it meant that he was in danger so he wanted to repay him. Major Event Note #1: This quote displays a major event that happened in part 3 of the novel. After Amir had to go to the hospital because of the fight with Assef, Amir’s upper lip was split in half like a hareclip. This is an important event because it shows how after the battle, Amir is finally happy again and that he doesn’t feel regret any more of what he did to Hassan. It mirrors of when Hassan gets plastic surgery to get rid of his harelip and after that he stops smiling, whereas now because he got hurt badly and received a harelip from the fight, he feels redeemed and happy.…show more content…
Sohrab finally hits Assef in the eye with the slingshot and Sohrab finally gets payback of what he did to him and his father. Hassan would never hit Assef in the eye but finally Assef was punished for the treatment he gave to many Hazaras like Hassan and Sohrab. This event showcases how Sohrab got revenge and finally, not having to deal with Assef ever again. Turning Point Note #1: This quote shows a turning point in part 3 of The Kite Runner. Amir, thinking that Hassan is still alive, finds out that he and his wife, Farzana, was killed by the Taliban. This describes a turning point because it changes everything and how he can’t see Hassan ever again and apologize for everything he has done. Now, Amir feels lost and does not know how he will ever make it up to Hassan and how he wanted to tell him that he was his best

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