Gene's Rivalry In A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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From the very start, Gene’s insecurities have fueled his inner war. These insecurities were illustrated when Gene made up a rivalry between him and Finny. Gene was talking about running for class president, and asked Finny if he would mind if he won. Finny responds by saying “I would kill myself over jealousy envy” (Knowles 52) in a joking manner. However, Gene misreads this as a threat and comes to the conclusion that “The deadly rivalry was on both sides after all” (Knowles 54). He comes to this conclusion in an effort to make him feel better about himself due to a lack of confidence. While doing so temporarily rid him of his insecurities it fueled his jealousy and in turn allowing his inner war to thrive. He knew he was not as handsome nor
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