Genesis And Catastrophe Roald Dahl Analysis

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Dahl 's three short stories stories "landlady" "lamb to the slaughter", and "Genesis and catastrophe" demonstrate the talent of this amazing writer. The stories employ similar literary techniques to create a creepy feeling , but each is also unique. In all three stories, irony is used to engage the reader to find out what is going to happen next. Dahl also uses foreshadowing in two of his stories to tell the reader what will happen in an indirect way. Even a nice woman can have a child who ends up being a mass killer. In Dahl 's "Genesis and Catastrophe" Klara Hitler had 4 kids who eventually died before reaching the age of three. She just gave birth and she is very anxious when her new baby is with the doctor being checked because she doesn 't want another one of her babies dying. The doctors tell her that the baby is normal and there is nothing wrong with him. Eventually they reveal that the baby 's name is Adolf because his father wanted that name because it sounds like his name, Alois. Alois starts calling the baby weak and turning him down. He says why do all of my babies have to be small and weak. Klara keeps crying because she believes the baby will die again, and she prays that he will not die like the others. Roald Dahl 's, “Lamb To The Slaughter” is about…show more content…
In lamb to is slaughter irony is used to create a surprise ending while supporting is theme of the story. In this story Dahl uses two types of irony throughout the story, situational and dramatic irony. Situational irony is showed when the woman kills her husband with a piece of lamb meat. The effect of this is that it is surprising and has allot of suspense which supports the theme that everything isn 't how it seems. The dramatic irony is that is readers know that the woman is the killer and is police don 't and especially how is police are eating the only evidence that the woman killed her husband. Is effect of this is that you wonder whether or not is police would realize they are eating

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