Genesis Chapter 2-3 Summary

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In this paper I will present how Myanmar Christian read the bible in their own context by using Genesis Chapter 2-3, focus on how Myanmar Christians traditionally understand the creation of woman Eve, and how Myanmar culture view on women.
The book of Genesis is written in the form of history. The book begins with the creation and closes with the death of Joseph in Egypt. The book was divided into two parts; Chapter 1-11 is “The history of mankind” and Chapter 12-50 is about “The history of the Patriarchs.” In Genesis Chapters 2-3, we can see the creation of the first man and woman Adam and Eve, the temptation and the fall. Genesis chapter 2, explains the creation of man on the sixth day and also the creation of woman. Some scholars have supposed that this is a second creation account and Genesis chapter 1 creation of man is the first creation account. After God created Adam, he allowed him to give the name for all animals. And he commanded not to eat the fruit of the knowledge of Good and evil. Many Christian do not criticized the bible they believe literally and even many Christians do not know there is 2 creation accounts. Myanmar Christians are so naïve and uncritical, so that we cannot see the truth of the gospel contextually. The
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Myanmar Christians read the bible literally and they accept the Bible as “holy scripture”. Even, in buddhism, women are the secondary class. In Buddhist believe, if we want to go to Nibanna, we must bore as male at least one time. Therefore, Myanmar women are less value because of religious and cultural setting of Myanmar. Women are the secondary class and they have no chance to have high position. There are some proverbs and sayings of the incapacity of Myanmar women e.g “A woman’s word cannot reach to the gate,” “The sun never rises when the hen cackles, it only rises when the roaster crows.” Women have no right and power in decision making. Women’s words can do
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