Genesis Chapter 3 Summary

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Re reading the Assign Text of Genesis Chapter 3
The word Genesis comes from the Greek translation (the Septuagint) and means ‘origin, source, creation,’ whereas the Hebrew title is ‘In the beginning.’ Both term appropriately describe the book subject as the origins of the universe, the world, mankind, human institution, the nations and above all, the people of Israel. God creative work in bringing all these things into being is focus in Genesis. This book was also entitled as “the first book of Moses” because traditionally belief that the first five books of the Bible; Pentateuch was written by Moses. The book of Genesis was divided into two parts Genesis 1-11; the pro history focus on the origin of the human race, and chapters 12-50, the
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The rise of literary criticism (or form criticism) most eminently triggered by Herman Gunkel's commentaries on Genesis, effected a shift in that the said material came to be viewed as myth. In this paper, the writer will focus on Genesis Chapter 3, its authorship and date historical setting, theological implication and today how we read this text in Myanmar context especially verse 15. This verse has been read as the prediction of the coming of Messiah to the world in my context. So that in this paper I would like to discuss and discover especially v. 15 what the text itself means in that…show more content…
Parallels among C and C′ include: these are the main discoursed in the whole section; there are three branches to the two scenes: 3:1-5 contains three questions or conversation by the serpent and woman about the tree; 3:9-13 contains three questions from God concerning the tree. In this chapter it also includes knowing what is good and what is bad, Sin and punishment of the man and the woman and the curse against the serpent. The statements of the Serpent which resulted to the fall of Adam and Eve. The periscope covers six verses, Gen. 3:1­6. This passage is sandwich between two themes: Before fall (Gen. 2) and after the fall (Gen. 3:7­24). The pre-fall theme ends with verse 25 which emphasizes the nakedness of Adam and Eve without shame. Then followed by the words of the serpent. The immediate result, which is beginning of the after ­fall theme was nakedness and shame (Gen.
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