Genesis Healthcare System Case Study

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Introduction Genesis HealthCare System includes a not-for-profit integrated delivery system based out of Zanesville, OH. For the geographic area, they are privileged to have Genesis, as they are the largest health care provider in its six-county region with more 300 physicians and multiple outpatient care centers. The mission statement states, “ Our mission is to provide compassionate, quality health care.” In addition, Genesis’s vision is, “to be a regional healthcare system recognized for compassion, trust, innovation and excellence.” While interning for Genesis, I can say that this is not only the goal for the organization, but that is has been integrated into the organizations culture as well on a department level. Interning for the Decision…show more content…
On a daily basis, I would report to Cathy who is a patient financial services clerk, who performs many of the same tasks that I was responsible for. Above Cathy includes our Decision Support manager Lora Rowe. Above Lora, includes Mike Norman, the director of Financial and Reimbursement Services who then reports to chief financial officer Paul Masterson. Above our chief financial officer includes the President and CEO Matthew Perry and then the board of directors. As stated above, I have included a copy of our organizational flow chart displaying various departments, personal and job…show more content…
In doing so, I was required to review the application and determine the assistance that they may be awarded. While reviewing the application, we looked to see if the applicant had filled out the application completely and had provided three months proof of income. The three months proof of income must be either before the application date or the date of service. In order to determine the amount discounted to the patient we used the applicants proof of income to determine how they rank in regards to the Federal Poverty Level and adjust the percentage to the discount percentage. Other tasks included verifying the applicants Medicaid status, calculating their asset determination, and updating the application status on our spreadsheet. In addition to this task, it is our responsibility to correctly determine the financial assistance amount. Not only is important to perform quality work but also to treat all patients equally. Overall, this step in the financial assistance process was at challenging at times, as no application is the same, but rewarding to know that I was able to make a difference by helping those in

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