Genesis Influence On Modern Archetypes

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The Influence of Genesis on Modern Archetypes
Throughout history, both ancient and modern, archetypes can be found scattered all across literature. They act as a basis of stereotypes for all humanity, and that is why people have placed such an important emphasis on them (whether consciously or not). An early example of a literature like this can be traced all the way back to Genesis and the story of Adam and Eve, where obvious archetypes can be seen, like the Devil Figure, the Battle of Good and Evil, the Wise Man, and so on. Modern literature, however, still show these ideas. An example of this can be found in, “contemporary classics” like the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling because texts like the creation story in Genesis have greatly
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In this case, Good is God, and Evil is the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden. In the Christian religion, God is the most heavenly and free-from-sin being in the world, so it is obvious why he represents what he does. God even created the world (see Gen. 1-2). The forbidden fruit, on the other hand, led to curses, sin and a whole lot of trouble, which blatantly refers back to the idea of Evil (see Gen. 3). In the Bible, Good/Evil is represented by material beings or objects instead of ideas or feelings, which is now a common recreation. Again, refer back to the Harry Potter series for example. In the stories, Harry, the main character, represents this idea of Good, proven by his acts of bravery, generosity and kindness (examples include: saving the life of an “enemy,” freeing the enslaved, risking his life for others, etc.). Voldemort, on the other hand, directly relates to this idea of Evil, shown through his acts of selfishness, corruption and cruelty (examples include: murdering the innocent, terrorizing the common citizen, etc.). The two examples of this famous battle are highly similar, once again showing us the influence Genesis must have had on the literature of…show more content…
On the contrary, though, the Bible didn’t create or invent The Temptress or the idea of Good/Evil. Mythology of all sorts, from Roman to Norse to Chinese, have portrayed archetypes. The difference between those stories and the Bible’s is its impact on the average person. Most people cannot tell a tale from Chinese mythology but can give a basis for the story of Adam and Eve. The influence Genesis has continues to be substantial thanks to the strength Christian religions have had throughout history. Because of this, it has transformed the stories humanity
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