Genesys Health System Case Study

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Genesys Health System which is a nonprofit, health care system which provides a range of health care services to patients in Genesee County and surrounding areas. Genesys Health System has apply the Triple Aim’s approach to correcting three issues at hand. The first issue deals with the importance of primary care issues. The second issue deals with health promotion the last issue deals with patient self-management support effort. The purpose of this paper is to understand and evaluate the patient care performance approach used by Genesys Regional Medical Center. Genesys Regional Medical Center which is located in Grand Blanc in a suburb area of Flint, Michigan population 99,763. The hospital has 410beds for acute-care education. In addition,…show more content…
Usually it is Medicare, medicate or fee-for -services. Genesys Regional Medical Center payees are employer base services follow by Medicaid. When dealing with the public systems, private employers are the greatest significant payers for healthcare services in the United States Genesys Regional Medical Center is located in Grand Blanc in a suburb area of Flint Michigan. Genesys Regional Medical Center has 410 beds for acute-care and education, along with a Level II trauma service. Health System approach to primary care Genesys Health Navigator Role works when combine with Patient Centered Medical Home services which is an important part of the primary care practice team.1 An importance aspect of a partnership is the relationship among physicians, and health care systems, and community base organizations in order to build a strong primary care infrastructure which in return can only help to develop healthily behaviors in surrounding communities. Due, to the hospital emphasizing on the importance of health care and referring patients to seek help at community-centered primary care physicians. In addition to assisting patients with education on healthy lifestyles, and manage chronic disease; and other acute health. Health system’s approach to quality…show more content…
Genesys Health Center realize that change was needed in order to reduce its overall cost and to enhance its capacity to positively affect the health outcomes in the community. Flint, Michigan is still considered to be one of the most thriftily challenged cities in the country. Genesys Health System brings stakeholders and resources together to achieve a shared vision of care for the community in question. Genesys Regional Medical Center uses the Triple Aim approach, which is to recognize the problem(s), and to correct the issue. Health system approach to coordination of care Genesys Regional Medical Center health navigator program helps individuals that are suffering with a chronic disease, or someone whom has recently suffered form an acute asthma episode. The health navigator aid in helping the patient as well as the physician. In doing so helps the patient to identify and realize his or her health behavior needs to change.2. Establishing physician-directed quality improvement, making specialty care more efficient, promoting more effective utilization management, improving chronic and preventive care, and engaging patients in self-management through a patient-centered medical home. Expanding access to services help patients adopt healthy

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