Gattaca Character Analysis

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In the movie GATTACA, the protagonist, Vincent, is a “god child”. This means that he was born through normal means for us, but a way of the past for the society in GATTACA. In GATTACA, the offspring of a couple is genetically edited. This means they can pick and choose the traits they want and the traits they want to remove. Vincent being a god child is not allowed that privilege. He is expected to have poor eyesight and to develop a fatal heart condition. Not only is Vincent born with these burdens, he is also discriminated against, as are all other god children. The quality of your life and where you end up depend heavily on your genetics in the society of GATTACA. However, this flawed supremacy system was proven wrong two notable times in the movie. Vincent, doomed to die an early death at thirty years old, is older than that and completes his training and joins a space program regardless of the challenges his body faced compared to the others. He worked past his physical disadvantages because he had the drive and the desire to get into…show more content…
He never gives up on his dreams and shows intense determination in accomplishing his goals. Where as society had already thrown him away, considering him an early grave. Vincent infiltrates the genetic elite and enters the Titan mission. Before all of the training and studying, he beat his genetically superior brother in a game of “chicken” through determination and will alone. In contrast to that, Jerome, who lost once in a swimming competition, lost the will to live. He essentially gave up on life and wishes to be taken care of and live “for free” opting to sell his identity rather than to show the same determination Vincent did and try again. Society throwing the lives and ambitions of these “god children” is wrong because they don’t know how hard they will fight to overcome their challenges and essentially beat their genetics like Vincent
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