Genetic Diversity: Film Study Questions

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Film Study Questions:
1. It is natural to categorize things in our world. We use particular criteria to place things (even people) into groups. Categorizing things based on what we can see allows us to take short cuts and make predictions about how those things might behave, but why is this inappropriate when it comes to categorizing humans?
Because while we are all the same on a genetic level, while we might look different we are all the same.

2. What are a few of the complex internal differences between people that are often assumed to be predicted by observing external differences?
Athleticism, intellegence, musical apptitude are oftem assumed to be predicted by observing external differences.

3. On a genetic level, why isn’t ‘race’ real?
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4. How much genetic diversity is there in the human species?
Each person is as different as someone from another race, than a person from another race.

5. What is surprising about the DNA tests students took?
The students were genetically different from people in their own race.

6. What is the best way to understand genetic differences in human populations?
Geography is more of the cause of the differences than our genetics. Also people from the same ethnic group are usually just as different as people from another ethnic group. So all in all we are all the same in many ways.

7. What is Continuous Variation?
Continuous Variation is variation which does not have a limit to differences in a population.
8. Describe Dr. Richard Lewington’s research
Lewington discovered how people of the same race are genetically different by doing genetic reasearch with blood samples.

9. What continent holds most of the world’s genetic variation?

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