Genetic Engineering Advantages And Disadvantages

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Genetic engineering is a new technology tools that is useful as now hundreds of human genetic disorders in a person can be detected before symptoms arise and also before birth. Where, the genetic constitution of cells or individuals altered by selective insertion, removal or modification of individual gene or gene sets. It plays a significant role in some of the important fields found today and it is going to be one of our biggest part of our lives as it involves many factors. Nevertheless, The genetic engineering also have the disadvantages and limitation that can be pointed out besides of their benefits just like there are two sides of a coin.
The first disadvantage can be seen through the cell cultures of the animals itself which can be associated with risk based on both the intrinsic properties of the cell culture and the possibility that the cell culture may be contaminated with pathogen. In addition, the risk encountered during handling of animal cell cultures should be evaluated with a careful consideration of the type of manipulation. The two main types of contamination of animal cell culture that need to be avoided are chemical contamination caused by agents that are invisible and biological contamination which caused by bacteria or fungi. Both contaminations cannot be seen with naked eyes easily, it needs special detection methods. These contaminations can be avoided with the use of proper aseptic technique training and properly designed, maintained sterilized
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