Genetic Engineering: Can It Benefit Human In The Future

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Kathi E. Hanna, a science and health consultant, states, “Many believe that use of gene transfer at the embryonic stage for enhancement would reach far beyond the limits of acceptable medical intervention” (Hanna). What is genetic engineering? Is it safe? Can it benefit humanity in the future? Genetic engineering is the changing of characteristics of an organism by manipulating its genetic material, or genome. Scientists have been genetically modifying basically everything from plants to animal and to humans. Genetic engineering, while it does have benefits to help the human race, has the possibility to go out of control and must not be pursued due to the harm it can cause to society. Understanding the goals of genetic engineering and learning both the benefits and drawbacks will show how this advancement in science is detrimental to our society.

To be effective, the advancement of genetic engineering needs to follow the goals of the Genome Project. Linda Tagliaferro explains the Genome Project and its “revolution in medicine”. This project was huge back around 1989, which had plans to create the perfect human beings. The project planned to help human change their genes and make them stronger to prevent diseases and help avoid people who have “genetic flaws” (Tagliaferro). Scientists will take the egg and sperm of a healthy human female and male, then combined them to test it genes and if it has developed any sort of disease. If any were

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