How Is Gattaca Related To Genetic Engineering

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GATTACA GATTACA is a movie that introduces genetic engineering as the main aspect to take in consideration while watching the movie. “Genetic engineering is a set of technologies used to change the genetic makeup of cells, including the transfer of genes within and across species boundaries to produce improved or novel organisms”(Union). It has given the humanity a chance to improve some traits on future off springs as parents desire; people are now able to determine whether they want their unborn children to have brown hair, light skin or it is even possible to prevent some diseases, but this is still on development. (Niccol) In the movie, genetic engineering was used on all the zygotes to create the best candidates for the parents that…show more content…
In any living thing the DNA acts as the instruction manual for the body, certain genes codes for certain proteins which in terms make up all the part of the organism as eyes color, skin color, height, and any trait that you can think of is coded in the DNA. So once you know what codes for what, you can know what to edit” (Eco-Wise). This concept applies for both the movie and real life, because in the movie Vincent’s brother, Anton Freeman, was conceived by in vitro and genetic engineering. His parents specified that they wanted him to be tall, dark hair, fair skin; and also the doctor took the liberty to prevent any possible disease, also prevent boldness, myopia, alcoholism and obesity; and in the same scene the doctor tells Vincent’s parents “You want to give your child the best possible start. Believe me; we have enough imperfection built in already. And keep in mind; this child is still you, but simply the best of you” because genetic engineering is that, it comes from the mother’s egg and father’s sperm, but they just modify it to be the best out of both and please all the specifications the parents want. However, in real live we are not as advanced to prevent all the existing diseases or even to modify behavioral conditions as in the movie, but hopefully one day will be able to be as GATTACA, but with a better society, because you do not have to be perfect to do great things in life; you just have to work harder than everybody else, and have dreams that you will achieve all your goals in life; that is something that I learned from the movie.
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