Genetic Engineering In Gattaca

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In the movie “Gattaca”, directed by Andrew Niccol, Niccol indicates how in the future we are going to depend on technology. As well as in how we are going to become more of an unrealized expectation. It was demonstrated as genetic engineering. For example, they would get a piece of what you wanted your child to have such as height, gender, and skills. Which is bad in my opinion, Therefore, I will have to say that I disagree with the use of wanting to use Genetic engineering for childbirth for the following reasons. First of, in “GATTACA” it is stated that children that were conceived with in loved parents have a higher chance of being happier. Why wouldn’t they? Vincent even though he wasn’t a “valid” he had a passion…. A dream to go to…show more content…
it really isn’t. Jerome in the movie was made to be the best swimmer but, when it came down to it in the Olympics he didn’t get first. He had gotten second. So as you can see even if you are made to be great, other people can customize their child to be stronger. Even though it’s designed it’s not guaranteed. DNA banks were also a thing in the film. They are banks that would give anyone depositing a DNA sample, information about the person the DNA sample came from. Which is an invasion of privacy? Just by getting a strand of your hair a person can find out more about you than you know. Which I think will become a huge problem. Discrimination, not only will they be able to to get information about you but if you are an “invalid” they will lower you down. In the movie, Vincent wasn’t allowed to go to school with the “valid”. He also had a job of cleaning. It wasn’t until later he figured out a way, but if it wasn’t for that he wouldn’t have ever achieved his goal… or would have been happy. Do to the fact that he was looked down at. The film reviles us to many good things about genetic engineering, but I still siding with no. Without genetic engineering, we have happiness, dreams, passion. We as well have praicy, not as much discrimination as if we were to allow GE. So because of my reasons, I am voting with not allowing
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