Genetic Engineering In Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Park is a great movie, but it started out as an amazing book. Genetics plays a huge role in both. Genetics is how they re-create the dinosaurs, which is what the movie is all about. He didn’t only bring back extinct dangerous dinosaurs. He also brought back extinct poisonous plants! To understand this paper, you kind of have to know what genetics and genetic engineering is. Genetic engineering is when you cut and paste genes inside DNA from two different things using special enzymes to make new genetic material! Genetics is where you study inherited traits and characteristics from your parents. In the introduction of the book, it says genetic engineering is growing fast. It’s sometimes misunderstood, but it’ll change life on Earth forever. Genetic engineering is how Dr. Hammond makes the dinosaurs, but he only makes girls so they won’t reproduce. But as Dr. Malcom…show more content…
Hammond made one smart decision in all of this. He made the dinosaurs dependent on lysine (an amino acid). If they didn’t have lysine, they would have died in a week (just in case things go wrong. SPOILER ALERT: Things go wrong!). That is a smart plan because dinosaurs are stronger and can overpower you. It’s the only way to control them. The dinosaurs eventually kill over half of the people on the island and some escape off the island to terrorize other people. Some made it to Costa Rica in the jungles. It all started because of genetic engineering and the stupid idea to re-create dangerous dinosaurs and plants (Nedry did help, though). Nedry stole dangerous and valuable material (dinosaur embryos) for Biosyn (rival company to Dr. Hammond and Jurassic Park). Then, he turned off electricity so he wouldn’t get caught, but that also allowed dinosaurs to get out of their cages. Everything has evolved since they’ve been alive. They just threw them into a new environment. They don’t know how to react and process their new
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