Genetic Engineering: Pros And Cons?

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Introduction DNA: Deoxyribosnucleic acid is the hereditary materials in humans, almost all DNA is located in the nucleus, some is found in the mitochondria (mtDNA). Genes: Everyone is different, like our fingerprints, our genes differ too, this is greatly benificial in solving crimes as a lock of hair, drop of blood, etc, all of this allowing the police to link everyone involved into the murder, ensuring the right person is punished for the crime. There are two main types of genes, phenotype, being responsible for the physical characteristics of a person whereas the genotype deals with the genetic make-up of a person. Mutations: A mutation can be both good, as we may be able to cure diseases, be stronger and ultimatly improve our standard of life, however, a mutation is a change in the DNA which may cause it to…show more content…
Genetic engineering: Genetic engineering is frowned upon by many due to it being unknown and new. People do not enjoy change unless we know everything about it, such as; all the negatives and positives, however with genetic engineering, there are no guarentees. This is the main cause for people being against genetic engineering. Geneticengineering in humans: We may be able to enhancelife expectancy by slowing the aging of cells, we may even be able to select specific pheno and genotypes, possibly avoiding recessive diseases. Possible reasons people fear genetic modification: Many peple fear health risks, however there is no evidence to this statement however we can not say there are none, just no known ones. Genetic modification in plant may allow them to fight off insects, this could upset the balance of life, possibly resulting in the death of many pollinators, meaning our plants will suffer. DNA: DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, this is the hereditary material in humans. Most cells in a person’s body have the same DNA. DNA can be located in both the cell nucleus (nuclear DNA) and in

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