Genetic Screening Argumentative Essay

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Many serious diseases and physical deformities can occur due to inherited genetic traits. Essentially, genetic screening tests identify changes in chromosomes, genes, and proteins. The results are utilized to determine an individual’s chance of developing or passing on a particular disorder. The most common methods of screening include molecular, chromosomal, and biochemical genetic testing. Genetic screening has both benefits and disadvantages, and therefore the decision to become tested is extremely difficult. Primarily, genetic screening would be beneficial because it would allow my wife and me to take preventative measures for our children. If my doctor offered me a genetic screening, I would certainly allow him to conduct the test, and…show more content…
The severity and financial consequences of the disease would also influence my decision of whether to have children. However, I would most definitely not feel guilty or depressed due to the results of the screening. As long as the disease did not severely hinder my child’s life, I would still have the child. Ultimately, as long as my wife and I were confident in raising the child, we would do so. However, I would not want a young handicapped individual to suffer throughout his entire life in a difficult and unforgiving world. Therefore, if the genetic screening stated that either my wife or I was a carrier of a severely deleterious illness, we would probably spare the child from suffering.
Overall, accepting a genetic screening test would be a wise decision, and if the test showed that my wife and I were carriers of a disease, we would research the illness carefully and determine its consequences. Essentially, a genetic screening would provide me with access to a wealth of knowledge and allow my family to determine whether having children would be the right decision. Having children can pose physical, emotional, and financial difficulties. Therefore, the information provided by genetic screenings is immensely beneficial to couples who desire
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