Summary: Two Common Types Of Genetic

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Generally there are two common types of mutation in gene that can be classified as gene mutation and chromosomal mutation. Genetic mutation involves the changes in the composition of the DNA molecules or gene itself resulting in the alteration in their chemical structure and composition. The modification in the chemical structure will then lead to the change in the function of the genes. When there is a gene mutation in our body cells, all these altered genes will then be passed down to the children through a process called mitotic division. The offspring will inherit all the changes when the gene is mutated in the sex cells. Another type of mutation is named chromosome mutation and it happens due to the alternation in the structure and arrangement of chromosomes. This type of mutation can be detected and checked when there is change in the number of chromosomes of either there is a decrease or increase in numbers.

Numerous types of diseases – Polydactyl, Sickle Cell Anaemia, Albino, Down syndrome and Turner syndrome are the result of cell mutation affecting the growth in children. Polydactyl is a disease that results in having more than five fingers or toes on each side. It
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The group of children with Down syndrome have more distinct features as compared to the normal children. Physical defects that are more well known include head that is wide and short, narrow eyes tilted to the side, much thicker lips, slightly bigger and protruding tongue and saliva trickling out most the times. Apart from that, some other effects include the level of intelligence such as experiencing mental retardation. Down syndrome can also affect the development in children where there is a need to attend special educational class instead of the normal
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