Global Food Crisis Essay

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Despite the negative and controversial views on genetically modified organisms, these organisms are the solution to the current global food crisis. Rising food prices and extreme weather such as droughts and floods, are leading to food shortages within a population that grows on a daily basis. Genetically modified organisms have the ability to aid the crisis through increase yields, enhanced nutrition, and larger agricultural space. Genetically modified organisms can successfully gain resistance to insects, fungi and weeds which not only allows for increased yields – but also reduced food waste as less crops are affected by these factors. Therefore, increased yield, and decreases in food waste can aid the food crisis in the world. These organisms…show more content…
• GM cops mostly tastes better than regular crops due to flavour enhancing genes Crystal Lombardo. (2015). Disadvantages of genetically modified crops: (Source one) • Cross contamination of pollen from modified plants can contaminate surrounding grass and weeds, thus giving them the same resistance as the crops. This can create an issue of overgrown areas of grasses and weeds. • Antibiotic resistance is also lessening, as antibiotic properties are inserted into crops. Therefore, when the crops are eaten, the properties remain behind in our system which can weaken the effects of medicinal antibiotics taken for cold and flu as our body slowly becomes accustomed to the properties. • The long-term effects of GM crops have also not been studied in depth yet, therefore the human population may face a medical crisis in the future. Crystal Lombardo. (2015). People are often opposed to genetic modification due to a lack of knowledge on the subject. People disagree more with the transfer of the DNA between two different species (transgenic) than within the same species (Cisgenic). However, this may be because of false information and pictures posted online such as, “tomatoes with fish tales” or by telling the public that companies “modify corn with scorpion DNA to make crispiesr
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