Genetically Modified Crops Essay

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Despite the negative and controversial views on genetically modified organisms, these organisms are the solution to the current global food crisis. Rising food prices and extreme weather such as droughts and floods, are leading to food shortages within a population that grows on a daily basis. Genetically modified organisms have the ability to aid the crisis through increase yields, enhanced nutrition, and larger agricultural space.
Genetically modified organisms can successfully gain resistance to insects, fungi and weeds which not only allows for increased yields – but also reduced food waste as less crops are affected by these factors. Therefore, increased yield, and decreases in food waste can aid the food crisis in the world. These organisms
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Genetically modified crops also have increased nutritional content, with a boost and essential vitamins and proteins. For example, the composition of genetically modified soybeans has an increased protein content than that of regular soy bean crops. Therefore, the hunger crisis that the human population faces can be resolved through genetically modified crops, due to increased growth rates, decreased prices and increased nutritional content. For those living in poverty stricken areas, products will be cheaper and more nutritional which can combat hunger and food deficiencies.
Advantages of genetically modified crops include:
*Note Genetically modified is abbreviated as GM, and Genetically modified organism is abbreviated as GMO
• GM crops are better for the environment due to the fact that crops are modified to become pest and disease resistant. This lessens the impact of spraying pesticides and chemicals which are toxic for the environment
• GM crops are also disease resistant and drought tolerant, thus increasing overall production which can combat the hunger crisis. A bigger yield of crops also keeps prices low.
• GM crops have enhanced nutritional value which can combat the issue of food deficiencies as products contain higher amounts of vitamins, calcium and protein.
• GM crops also have a longer shelf life, which reduces food waste.
• GM cops mostly tastes better than regular crops due to flavour enhancing genes
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