Genetically Modified Environment Pros And Cons

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Among the transnational corporations, which spend millions on the production of genetically modified ingredients, is the Dow Chemical company, Aventis, Monsanto, Johnson & Johnson and DuPont. The distribution of genetically modified products occurs mostly in developing countries or underdeveloped countries. Some countries still have strong disagreements on GMO products. Since 2002, according to the decision of the European Union, the European countries have established standards for marking and tracking capability for food products genetically modified. The United States claims that such measures violate the agreements on free trade between the two countries. Genetically modified crops can produce greater than those traditionally grown crops. Another argument in favor is that such crops can provide nutrition to the…show more content…
In the future, it may be equipped with genetically modified plants with mechanisms designed to prevent gene flow. This is important for the co-existence of GM and traditional crops, especially that medical and industrial use of genetically modified plants. Environmental indirect effects of genetically modified crops include changes in agricultural or environmental practices associated with new varieties. Whether the net effect of these changes had to be positive or negative on the environment is still controversial, calling for a more comparative analysis of new technologies and agricultural practices. The environmental benefits include less water pollution and less damage to non-target insects, in turn benefit biodiversity. Crop resistance to herbicides extremely low agriculture are encouraging, with benefits in soil conservation resulting from it. On the other hand, the increased use of herbicides can increase the erosion of agricultural land. It is modified crops and the development of new genetically that can withstand environmental stresses such as drought,

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