Genetically Modified Foods Benefits

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Genetically modified foods are the foods obtain from organisms whose genetic materials has been modified in a way that it does not occur naturally. Plants,animals, and microorganism can be genetically modified and have their protein. Genetically Modified foods are designed for greater resistance to viruses and pest, higher nutritional value and longer shelf life. Over 70% of the foods we eat are genetically altered and many of the effects they have on us are bad. These foods have caused many terrible environmental effects, radical changes in diet, and major health issues. When genetically modified foods were new, the biotechnologist thought of good effects on their foods could have on people around the world.

Using genetically modified foods has a number of benefits, but with that, it has some disadvantage. One of an advantage is that genetically modified foods could provide enough food for the world 's growing population. A major benefit of modifying food is
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Another benefit is that these foods can be modified to withstand all climates be it cold or drought and also last longer on the supermarket shelf. For example, flounder fish have an ‘anti-freeze’ gene in their blood which helps them survive in freezing water. If this gene is added to soft fruits such as strawberries and tomatoes, it offers them protection from frost, which would otherwise damage them. Also, sometimes genetically engineering food involves taking out a gene rather than adding it. Tomatoes, for example, produce a chemical that makes them go soft once they turn red. If the gene that instructs the tomato to produce this chemical is ‘turned off’, then the tomato stays fresher for much longer. As the world population grows and more land is utilized for housing instead of food production, farmers have to grow crops in locations unsuited for plant cultivation. Now, plants are created that can withstand long periods of drought which is helping farmers to grow crops in those unsuited places
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