Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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Allergies and Genetically Modified Foods:
The Link between Food Allergies and GMOs.
Around the world, millions of people are eating, each day and every day, three times a day. But, what are they actually eating? The food humans eat every day may not be what they believe it is and they may actually be harming themselves in the meanwhile for simply ignorance. The majority of the foods on the shelves in stores contain some Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) in it, which may be linked to numerous different problems the human body, especially allergies. Since millions of children in the United States have food allergies, scientists should do more long-term studies to ensure that GMO does not cause allergies.
Soy allergies have been increasing for the past several years and that is because much of the soy grown is Genetically Modifies (GM). The reason that allergies related to soy have increased is because there is a protein in the GM soybeans that causes allergic reactions (Genetically Engineered). …show more content…

Jeffrey Smith states, “By 2004, farmers used an estimated 86% more herbicide on GM soy fields compared to non-GM” (Smith). This was several years ago, so the amount of herbicides on the crops may have even gone up even more. It is not only horrifying how much more herbicides are used on the soy, but the side effects from these herbicides. The herbicides cause headaches, chronic fatigue, and nausea (Smith). This is a concern to human health, because no one should have to deal with these issues because some scientist claims that this food is perfectly safe and normal. Not only is the food itself causing allergies, but the herbicides that they spray on the GM crops to kill the weeds cause allergies. The herbicides on the food are causing allergic reactions and there is a significant need for the herbicides because the crop is not

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