Genetically Modified Organisms Argumentative Essay

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"If you could save lives by producing vaccines in transgenic bananas, would you?" (Phillips). Confused? I am as well, but this certainly could be a real possibility. As Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) become more popular, unconventional traits can be modified into plants and animals. Whether it is in the crops we eat or the animals around us, GMOs with eventually affect everyone. It is becoming a major part in our society and something that everyone should be aware of. With the rise of GMOs, people need to completely understand what they are, and the risks and benefits that come with using these techniques. Many people do not have a total understanding of what Genetically Modified Organisms actually are. They might know that they…show more content…
Allergies are common for people to have. There are many plants, animals and foods that can cause serious allergic reactions. Allergies can be triggered by eating, smelling and even touching certain things. As stated by Katherine Zeratsky, an expert on Mayo Clinic, "It is possible to transfer a gene from an allergenic plant to a non-allergenic plant" (Zeratsky). This could cause serious harm to people with allergies. Someone might have an allergy they are aware of, but unknowingly eat a genetically engineered food that now contains that allergen. Allergies can range from minor so severe and can even cause death. Accidently eating something that happens to be modified and now contains harmful genes is a real possibility. This is certainly something people are unaware of. As shared by Harvard University, a woman named Grace Booth went into anaphylactic shock after eating a couple corn tacos. Soon to find out, the corn in the taco shells contained an insect repelling protein that is originally found in common soil bacteria. Her allergies were triggered by something she has probably had hundreds of in her life. This goes to show the threat that is evident in the use of

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