Trait Theory: Theories Of Consumer Behavior

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(4)Trait Theory Trait theory, also called as dispositional theory, is an approach to the study of human personality. A trait can be explained as a characteristic that causes a person to behave in certain ways such as perceives feels, believes and also acts. Some of the personality trait used to differentiate consumer between innovators and non-innovator would be consumer innovativeness, dogmatism, social character, need for uniqueness, optimum stimulation level, sensation seeking and variety-novelty seeking (Cherry, n.d.). Consumer innovativeness is defined as the propensity of consumers to receive the new products, new services or new practices. This trait is important to both consumers and marketers as it can benefit them from right innovation…show more content…
Consumers have the need for varied, novel and complex sensations and willing to take social and physical risks for the sensations (Jeffrey, 1993). Variety-novelty seeking measures a consumer’s degree of variety seeking and can be separated into three types: exploratory purchase behavior, vicarious exploration and use innovativeness. Consumers with the exploratory purchase behavior are always like to switch the brands to experience new product. Vicarious exploration refers to the consumer who gains information and after that contemplates the alternative. The meaning of use innovativeness is consumer uses a product in a new way (Nina, 2006). Attitude among the advertisement model is defined as a consumer forms various feelings and judgment, which affect the consumer’s attitude toward the advertisement and attitude toward the brand. It is also a predisposition to respond in a favorable or unfavorable manner to a particular advertising stimulus during a particular exposure occasion (Dianoux,…show more content…
It is because a good advertising can influence the consumer feeling and judgment as well as affect their attitude towards your product. Advertising become a crucial role in today’s’ competitive business market. Based on the research, young adults (aged between 15-34 years old) made up approximately 34% of Malaysian population (Chai, 2012). Therefore, advertising is a crucial medium for them to up-to-date with the products and services. Both companies should concern this level of people and come out some advertisement that is more related young adults in order to attract their attentions. Advertising is not transferring the messages directly to an individual. It transfers messages to whole public immediately. The advertising that both companies implement should be attractive and creative. A successful and great creative idea can give brands the required thrust to explore new heights (Pooja,

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