Genghis Kh Most Influential Political And Military Leader

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a punishment like me upon you” . All which to portray the fact that Genghis Khan was the most influential political and military leader, perhaps Genghis Khan was the most influencial ruler of the ancient world. To prove that Genghis khan was the most influential political leader and war general for his time period we must start from the beginning of his life and thoroughly examine issues such as; how his life as a child affected his place in Mongol society, more specifically, how being the son of a great chief in the Borjijin clan helped allow him to receive unique opportunities’ that most people in his clan could not evemmmmr hope to achieve, we must also look at his personal military achievements and how such achievements gave him the immense…show more content…
Genghis Khan’s sole objective wasn’t solely based on barbarism but rather a multitude of reasons such as a need for resources, but the main reason was the hate towards the Jin Dynasty who wanted to turn Mongol tribes against each other so that they would be easier to rule. One key mistake that the Jin made was that they would send troops and other important resources to the weaker tribes, which helped give the Mongols the boost they needed when Genghis Khan united them. Genghis Khan was quite fortunate to have a father in the position that we was, because of his father’s position of power and his mother’s teaching, Genghis Khan was able to use these gifts to unite many years of bad blood with neighboring tribes and allow them to have a common purpose. Genghis Khan used his opportunity’s wisely to be in a place of leadership from a young age and learn from others mistakes to ensure that his people never know suffering again, to the dedication he put into creating one of the most disciplined, largest, and most feared army the world has ever seen all the way unto is untimely death In 1227 in which the exact cause for his death was unknown, but what was known that over an entire millennia later, the world still remembers the most influential political and war leader of all

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