Genghis Khan Influence

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Thesis: The Mongol leader Genghis Khan had an intense influence on the modern world. He may have been one of the greatest military leaders of all time, and he was both the father of the organization of modern warfare and a role model for many rulers.
Early life and Origin
Like most ruthless emperors “ you can blame it all on a bad childhood.” he was “born in Temujn, Genghis had the bad luck to be born to the most outcast tribe in the most remote part of the Mongolian Steppes right on the border with Siberia.” (“Genghis Khan”)
In the setting in which Genghis was born, and from what we know this is the roughest most severe part of the world.
His mother was a woman who thought only of her children “...through sheer determination his mother
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During the Kwarizm Conquest the Mongol army was outnumbered 15,000 to the Shah’s 400,000; odds of 30 to 1! (“Genghis Khan”)
The well trained army ended up defeating the Shah’s massive body of warriors
Philosophy and Influence
Many experts never quite could understand Khan’s thought process “I think of Genghis Khan as a child of circumstance whose routes of action were on many occasions dictated for him by his status as the leader of a fledgling nomadic nation” says Dr. TS. Tsetsenbileg. (Yung Wang, Dr. TS. Tsetsenbileg)
Genghis Khan was the founder of many things including a new way of life “the cultural norms established by him; emphasis on a peaceful neighbourhood, government by law, universalism, equal rights and respect for nature; can to continue to ensure the cohesion of community…” (Yung Wang, Dr. TS. Tsetsenbileg)
The way we live now, is all based off of past mistakes and we have evolved; but a percentage of our values now were established by Genghis Khan.
Mr. Khan was a man of many children and he loved all of them, “[he] believed the strength of a man is defined by the children he left behind.” strength of a man defined by his
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